Happy New Year

Thank you all for following my blog. This year has brought about some dietary  changes – less carbs and white sugar, and more vegetables. The blog has more followers than before and you are a mixed bunch of followers and bloggers with great blogs.

The year was busy and I was able to travel quite a bit. One of the highlights was definitely my trip to the U.S. and meeting friends and family from my exchange year some decades back. It was just as if we’d met the other day.  Another highlight was my Italian adventure studying the language, staying at a friend’s and exploring and enjoying places near Arezzo. It was a busy year at the work front but very enjoyable with various projects. Other trips took me e.g. to Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Toronto. Eating out and dining is naturally the highlight in trips.

Happy New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2016 wherever you are. May the year be a blessed one.


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