#11 Nutella Cookie Goodies

This is the first time I tried baking with Nutella. Social media is full of Nutella recipes, one heavier than the other. There might not be much health benefits in eating cookies but you can’t only think of that. Well, chocolate is good for you. It contains flavonoids for example. It gets you into good mood. Eating these alleviates craving for chocolate and you might be satisfied with eating just one. At a time!

Nutella takes my thoughts into Turin, Italy, and the  visit at the home of our exchange student. Nutella is made in Turin at Ferrero with oh so many other goodies. Ferrero -Rocher and giandujottine Tourinot are my other favourites from Turin.

You can find the recipe for these cookies at butterbaking.com. Thank you Natasha for a great recipe! Only three ingredients: Nutella, flour and egg!


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