#12 Blini Feast for Everyone


February with carnivals is time to enjoy blinis. Yesterday it was my husband’s turn to try the cooking part, and I was in charge if the toppings.

You can find the blini recipe in another blog post that I’ll reblogging in a while. We had vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings, even a vegan one. In theory I detest all products made for vegans or vegetarians in attempt to imitate carnivore meals such as soy Bolognese or frankfurters. Despite of this I have found and quite like the vegetarian seaweed roe (caviar). The taste is salty and good. However, I compare it with the taste of roe. The other vegetarian alternative was a sauce with chanterelle and onion, which was actually the best ones.

The traditional toppings are caviar and other fish roe, chopped onion, sour cream, Russian pickled cucumber and honey. Many recommend champagne and quite many have a vodka schnapps. We did not have either yesterday.



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