#16 Corn Chowder 

imageThis is yet another favourite of ours. A good mid-winter lunch thanks to the warming turmeric and a dash of Tabasco. The pork adds flavour and nutrition too. What’s even better, is that it takes only 20 minutes to prepare it. For this recipe I thank ELLE mat&vin – an old recipe clipping.

For four portions you need: 250 g corn, 2 shallot onions, 2 tbsp flour, 140 g smoked pork belly, 5 dl milk, 5 dl water or chicken stock and 2 tbsp butter plus salt, pepper and Tabasco to taste.

Roast the corn on a dry pan. Chop the onion and dice the meat. Sauté the meat and onion in a pan. Sprinkle over the flour and turmeric. Pour in the water. Add the milk and corn. Stir and let come to boil. Add salt and pepper. Serve Tabasco at the table.


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