My Favourite Russian: Borscht Soup 

As winter continues warming dishes are welcomed and lovely borscht soup was on my lunch menu for several days this week. This is indeed my favourite Russian dish along with blinis with fish roe.

This recipe is a lighter version, and I use fresh, not pickles beetroots. For a panful (ca. 4 litres) you need

1/2 large cabbage, 3 medium beets, 1 large onion, 4 carrots, 1 tbsp oil, water, white pepper, thyme, salt, bay leaves, vinegar and yogurt. 

Shred the cabbage, chop the onion, beets and carrots. Sautéed the vegetables, add the spices and herbs. Add water to cover the vegetables and pour in 1 dl vinegar. Cook on slow heat for an hour or two. Serve with yogurt and rye bread.

Change the yoghurt to smetana and add some pickled cucumber, if you like a fuller version. 


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