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Risotto frutti di mare

What’s for lunch? Salad or pasta? Risotto?

Yes, risotto. It’s a while since the last batch with asparagus so I decided to go for a seafood risotto

1 onion, 2 dl risotto rice, 1 dl white wine, 7,5 dl fish stock, salt, 1,5 finely grated Parmesan

300 g mixed seafood, olive oil, salt and pepper

Make the risotto – start with sautéing the onion in butter, add the rice. Pour in the wine, let come to boil, and add water as the rice absorbs it and gets ready.

Fry te seafood lightly in a pan, and add to the risotto with the Parmesan. Mix together, taste and add salt and pepper. Enjoy!


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Risotto di Zucca II

Butternut squash has arrived to the grocery stores and it’s time to make lovely roasted squash and risotto. This risotto has a bit of different flavours than what i usually have ‘case changed to red to white wine and the thyme to rosemary and garlic.

I could eat the whole pot at one sitting but want to share with my husband and save some for tomorrow.

This is for four portions

150 g carnaroli rice, 1/2 small onion (chopped), 1 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp olive oil, 0,6 dl chicken stock, 1 dl white wine, 1,5 dl grated Parmesan

225 g diced butternut squash, 1 tbsp butter; a twig of Rosemary, one small garlic clove

Melt the butter and oil. Sauté the onion and add the rice. Turn in the pan for a couple of minutes. Pour in chicken stock to cover the rice. Let cook on low heat and add the wine once the rice has absorbed the liquid. Add liquid until the rice is almost done -Al dente, a bit whiteish in the middle. This will take 15-20 minutes.

In the meanwhile roast the diced squash in another pan in a dash of butter, for about 20 minutes.

When the rice and squash are almost done, take out a small pan and melt the rest of the butter. Sauté the chopped garlic and rosemary. Put all the ingredients into one pan and add the Parmesan. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately. The risotto should be moist and delicious, keep turning it and add water /stock if needed.

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Splendid Barolo Risotto with Mushroom

It is time to go back to work on Monday. This last weekend is full of events- visiting our mums and a confirmation party. Hence we prepared the grand the-end-of-the -holiday meal on Friday evening. As we started cooking it was time to open a well saved souvenir from a trio to Pedmonte, a bottle of Barolo. The excuisite wine also found its way to one of the pots and into this risotto.

Risotto for 2

150 g risotto rice, 1/2 small onion, 2 tbsp butter, 1 dl red wine/Barolo, 5 dl vegetable or meat stock, a small handful of dried forest mushrooms, 3 tbsp grated Parmesan, salt and pepper

Set the mushrooms to soak in ca. 1,5 dl of water. Chop the onion. Melt 1tbsp butter and sauté the onion lightly. Add the rice and sauté. Lower the heat and pour in the wine. Cook on low heat and add the mushrooms and their liquid. Let the rice absorb the liquid and add a decilitre of the stock at the time. Add liquid and cook until the rice is done – Al dente and while the risotto has somewhat liquid consistence. Do not let it get too dry. Turn down the heat and add some grated Parmesan, salt and a dash of black pepper.

Serve as promo piatto with the same Barolo/the same wine that you’ve used for the risotto.

We had crostini with sardines, tomato and Parmesan as antipasti. The deck do was sautéed  carrots and ribs of lamb, and the dolce cherry cake with cherry ice. It is not often we prepare a full four course meal but it can pubs so much fun and oh so good!

Happy Sunday!

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Risotto alla Zucca


Pumpkin risotto with brie is on menu tonight. It is almost freezing and I’ve been out saving the last herbs and kale. The tomatoes went last weekend, forgot to pick them. This risotto is warming and filling. Now it is time to light candles and take a comfy pose on the sofa.

This will make four portions and take about half an hour.

200 g risotto rice
7 dl water, cooked
2 small shallot onions
olive oil
1 tbsp vegetable stock fond
1 dl red wine
200 g butternut squash, peeled and diced
2 twigs of thyme, 1 tsp chopped parsley, 1 copped leaf of kale
150 g Brie
salt and pepper

Heat some oil in a pan and add the chopped onion. Add the rice and sautée.
Mix the vegetable stock into boiling water and pour in the liquid little by little as the rice absorbs it. Add liquid until the rice is done.

Peel and dice the pumpkin. Cook it in a dash of olive oil in a pan. Let cook at low heat. Chop the herbs and kale, and break the cheese by hand into small pieces.
Mix all the ingredients together. Let the cheese melt in. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy! Buon appetito!

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Risotto al funghi

This recipe combines Italy and Finland – the risotto and the oh so familiar taste of chanterelle. chanterelle, the golden mushrooms are so delicious. This time I did not pick them myself but went to the town market place.

Risotto for four
1,5 dl risotto rice
0,75 l water
1 tbsp vegetable fond
1 dl red wine
1 onion
1 l chanterelle
1 tbsp butter
0,5 dl grated Parmesan
a handful of parley
salt and black pepper

1 Chop the onion and sauté in olive oil.
2 Pour in the rice and sauté for a couple of minutes.
3 Boil the water and mix in the vegetable fond. Pour in with the rice little by little and let boil at low heat. Pour in the wine. Add water as it evaporates as the rice is cooking.
4 Clean the mushroom and put them in a hot pan. Add butter when the liquid from the mushrooms has evaporated.
5 Mix the risotto, mushrooms, Parmesan and parsley. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy in good company with some Chianti and water.


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Risotto di farro con porcini


Mid-winter is perfect time for risotto. Risotto with lovely porcini, boletus mushrooms, makes an excellent finsihing to a winter weekend.

There was still some farro left in storage from our summer trip to Malmgård manor so I decided it was to be risotto with this Andien grain, emmer aka farro. Some brown button mushrom were the only fresh type of mushrooms at the grocerynstore whereas I would’ve liked something else. The fancy foodie shops in the centre had already closed their doors so it looked daunting. Risotto with not that tasty ingredients. We did not do much mushroom picking the last autum so could not turm to the fridge. Luckily and by chance out lovely neighbours spared some … This after talking through the culinary plans for the weekend. They are also gourmands and it is not seldom we talk about food.

This is my recipe for risotto for four:

2 dl farro
5 dl water
1 dl sliced brown button mushrooms
1 dl dried, soaked boletus (porcini)
1 onions, 2 clove of garlic
Olive oil, 3 tbsp butter
1 dl white wine
5 dl water
Salt, pepper, oregan
2 dl Grated Parmesan

Start by putting the dried m to soak in lukewarm water.
Precook the farro in 3 dl water for 10 minutes.
Peel and chop the onion and garlic. Clean and slice the Mushrooms.
Saute the onions in olive oil. Add some butter. Add the Mushrooms and the farro. Pour in the white wine. Add boiling water to Cover the farro. Cook on low heat adding water as it gets aborbed into the farro.
Add the m with the soaking water. This will give extra taste for the risotto.
Cook until the grains are al dente. Season with salt, pepper and a bit of Oregano. Turn in the Parmesan cheese and a tablespoon of butter. Serve hot.

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Night out at Italo

gelato e sorbet di limone

Do you know a better way to start the weekend than an evening out dining with friends?
The outing on last Friday was perfect. I hopped on a bus to Helsinki straight from work. It is so convenient to take the bus and I really prefer it to driving. You come straight into the city to the shopping areas, restaurants and museum. I did a bit of shopping round at the sales finishing and stopping at the Forum shopping centre for dinner in ristorante Italo.

The restaurant is located in the top floor of the refurbished shopping mall of Forum. They have created a restaurant world there.

Along with the welcoming waitress there was a ripple of conversation and laughter welcoming me as I stepped in. There were smaller groups and couples there and the restaurant was nearly full around eight o’clock. The decor is cozy and Italian inspired with small wooden tables and chairs. There are even olive trees and murals. The lamps made of magnum wine bottles. The pictures on the walls take you to Italy; photos of famous sights and typical snapshots that could be from anyone’s camera colorful doors, gates, windows, landscapes, balconies etc.  They take you easily back to Italy and the holidays – before the tastes do it.

Once you have stepped in to the restaurant you see that the area is quite big with an open view to the kitchen. There is a larger dining area under a glass roof which I believe could resemble an Italian piazza and possibilities for bigger tables, and cozy smaller area in the back.

The menu is varied. You’ll find almost anything and everything – antipasti, insalta caprese, vitello tomato, pasta bolognese, spaghetti, vongole, pecorino, carciofo, gorgonzola, risotto, pizza, tiramisu, pannacotta etc. The abundance made it difficult to decide what to order. We started with an antipasto platter still undecided what to have as mains.

The platter was full of delicacies served on a wooden platter: Parma ham, olives, salami, figs. As the main we tried rump steak, trout and risotto with pig’s cheek and finished off with dolci of chocolate, lemon sorbet and ice cream.

The pig’s cheek ristotto (risotto con guanciale di mailae) was buono! The pig’s cheeks were really tender and delicious. The risotto al dente as it should with distinct taste of Italy – hints of white wine, lemon and Parmesan. It was made with a bit of cream but was delicious despite of that. The risotto I’ve learnt to make in Tuscany does not have any cream but there are of course many variations. The portion was generous, plenty for two I thought.
My friends had trout and rump steak. Both delicious! Have a look at the great pictures by Vison51 and Kim Ekman!

antipasti Antipasti

risotto Italo1 Risotto

rump steak Rump-steak

trutta Trout

Deciding on the dolci was not easy. Plenty to choose from. You went for lemon ice cream and sorbet (gelato di limone e sorbetto di limone). They actually had lemon sorbet with Limoncello on the dessert menu (see the picture!). I was tempted to take the misto di cioccolato with chocolate mousse, petit fours and chocolate ice cream but decided on something lighter. It looked very good and my friend tells it was so gooood! I know what to have next time.

gelato e sorbet di limone Sorbetto e gelato

Check out the place if you happen to be in Helsinki. It’s really centrally located and a place easy to pop in for a meal – a late lunch after a shopping spree, before going to the cinema or an evening out after work.

Ristorante Italo, Kukontori in Forum Helsinki.
You can check the menu here, I’m sure you can read it even though it is in Finnish

Vision51 http://www.vision51.com/

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Deer Stew with Squash Risotto


I’d long wanted to cook up something autumny as it is harvest time but could not make up my mind what to try. I got really eager when I got the recently issue of ELLE mat och vin (nr 7 2012) in my hands. The issue is full of delicious game recipes. Conveniently enough the grocery stores have an abundance of game on special – duck, venison, moose and deer.

This risotto with butternut squash comes from the ELLE but I have changed it, as usual. I have more squash, more cheese, less chicken stock and have replaced white wine with lemon juice. The deer stew recipe I put together on my own and made it yesterday for the first time. Got inspired by the recipes I’d read.

Risotto with Butternut Squash
This is a recipe for four but with four very large portions. It could easily feed even six.

3 tbsp butter
3 dl risotto rice
3 shallot onions
2 tbsp lemon juice
400 g butternut squash
60 g grated Paremesan
salt and pepper
1l chicken stock

Chop the onions and cook the water. Mix the water and the chicken stock.
Sauté the onions in butter. Add the rice and cook for a minute or two.
Add few ladles of chicken stock and let the rice absorb it. Add some lemon juice and then chicken stock little by little.
Peel and dice the squash. Fry it on a pan until it is almost done. Mix the fried squash into the risotto towards the end of the rice cooking, and cook until they both are done. You might not need to use all of the chicken stock.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix in the Parmesan just before serving.

Deer stew

2 tbsp butter
250 g yellow foot mushrooms (funnel chanterelles)
250 g deer shavings (frozen), use fresh deer or moose if possible
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp finely chopped celeriac
1 dl red wine
4 juniper berries
salt and pepper

Fry the frozen deer in butter.
Place the cleaned fennel mushrooms on a warm pan. Let all the liquid evaporate and then mix the deer and mushrooms together. Add the chopped celeriac and the juniper berries. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Add the tomato paste and wine. Let the stew come to a boil.
Taste and add salt and pepper if needed.
Serve with squash risotto and blackcurrant or lingon jelly.


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