My Favourite Reading: Cookbooks and the Like

These are some of my favourite cookbooks. I share the love of food with my husband, thus many of the favourite books are in Swedish.
A magazine I follow is ELLE mat & vin which is soooo good. Delicious recipes, novelties, seasonal recipes, kitchen utensils, reading and travel tips and what not (

Books I’ve used a lot, some are old some newer

  • Beverages by the editors of Time-Life Books. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam 1982.
  • Il libro dei primi piatti. Fabbri Editori II Edizione Grandi Manuali 1995.
  • Johansson, Lars. Kasvisruokien keittokirja. WSOY, Porvoo 1982.
  • Johansson, Lars. Kevyt ruokavuosi. WSOY, Porvoo. 6. Painos 1986.
  • Nordström, Tina. Tina. 67 nya recept och många tips from SVTs program mat. Natur och Kultur 2003.
  • Nordström, Tina. Tinas. Nya recept och tips from SVTs program mat. Damm förlag 2006.
  • RECIPE Encyclopedia. A  complete A – Z of good food and cooking. Crescent Books, New York 1995.
  • Roug, Ing-Marie. Det goda gröna. ICA bokförlag 1998.  – The best ever vegetarian cookbook I’ve had. I was a vegetarian for a good 10 years, converted some 10 years ago.
  • Trigg, Liz. Fabulous Fish. Fresh fromt he sea: 50 fish and shellfish recipes. Hermes House 1995.

New arrivals in my ‘library’

  • Pellegrino Artusi, La Scienza in cucina e l’Arte di mangiamo bene. Giunti.
  • Björklund , Michael. Min nordiska mat. (Björklund, Kenneth Nars, Anton Sucksdorff, Helsingors 2012, andra upplagan).
  • Lundgren, Lotta. Om jag var din hemmafru. Nordestedts. 2011.
  • Eisenman Monica & Esisenman-Frisk Lisa. Systrarna Eisenmans Mingelmat.565 snittar, snacks & smårätter. Bonnier fakta 2011. – a great book and excellent for party planning

Older books I enjoy reading but might not use when I cook

  • Vandyke Price, Pamela. Dictionary of Wines and Spirtis. 2280 Alpahbetical Etnries. Peerage Books 1986. – This is not that new but great help with grapes, types of wines, checking the origins of wine and learning about the different regions.
  • Escoffiers stora kokbok. Husmoderns bok. – I got these form my mother-in-law.  She got the books when she studied …

  • MacElhone, Harry. Harry’s ABC of mixing cocktails. Souvenir Press. First 1986 edition with new material by Andrew MacElhone.
  • Brillat-savarin. Maun fysiologia. Suuri ranskalainen gastronomian klassikko. Gummerus Oy Kirjapaino, Jyväskylä 1988.
  • Chier Rosen, Ruth. Pardon my Foie Gras.  – One of the first books I’ve gotten as a present after I’d started taking interest in cooking. It was a housewarming present from my sister K. I could not find the printing date but jugding from the pictures it must be from the late fifties or the sixties.

Use of plants and herbs:

Messegue, Maurice. 1977. Hälsoforum. Codex, Malmö. (Mon Herbier de Sante, 1974)

A. Vogelin YRTTIKIRJA. Rohtoja ja ruokaan luonnosta. Yksi-Offset, Vaasa 1998. (A. volel’s Heil- und Kuchenkräuter, Teufen, 1997)


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